Wood Trim Changes Everything

The transformative effect of trim never ceases to amaze Beverley Kruskol, president of M.Y. Pacific Building in Los Angeles. “Built-up moldings give an illusion of grandeur,” she says. “You just take a 6-inch molding and put another piece on top of it.” For an immediate pop, the contractor suggests replacing narrow baseboards with 4- or 5-inch baseboards, installing chair-rail molding more than 3 feet above the floor in rooms with high ceilings, adding ambiance with wainscoting and dressing ceilings, even low ones, with crown molding. “Crown molding is one of the lowest-cost investments and fairly easy to install,” she says. In addition to adding value to your home … it gives the optical illusion of greater height and ‘completes’ the room design.”


Originally published on HGTVpro.com